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‘Jivan Mari Drashtie'(Life, in my perspective) is my first and best selling book. It is a fine collection of poetry based on various aspects of our lives, our existence and extract of some life experiences incidents that I have been through. You might wanna peek into it. I’m sure you’re gonna love it.

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Welcome to the World of pure writings and poetry

Explore the finest writings, poetry, articles, quatrains on various interesting topics of our life, like how circumstances go around and how they lead us on different paths. Whatever happens around us, how it happens? why it happens? the mystery often remains unsolved. But here you will find both the truth and the fantasy but in a funny and interesting way, sometimes tragic as well.

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Yuvrajsinh Jadeja

‘An engineer with a gift’ people says. Well, I’m Yuvraj and I’m an electrical engineer by qualification and I am fond of writing. I like to write on various aspects of life. The motto of my life is ‘Purity matters most!’

I am Yuvrajsinh Jadeja. Electrical Engineer in terms of education. Completed engineering in 2018. It was during this time that I started writing poems and my writings are simply based on everything I see in life, emotions, relationships, festivals, etc. The hobby grew more and expanded

Best selling books

Jivan Mari Drashtie(Life, in my perspective)

have patience...

have patience...


If a man simply lets the world win... there must be a war within...

Yuvrajsinh Jadeja
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