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I’m an Electrical Engineer by qualification and a prominent writer, poet, storywriter by heart.

" It's all about where you want to be and where you are, What picture is in your mind and what is in your star... "

Yuvrajsinh Jadeja
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Yuvrajsinh Jadeja

‘An engineer with a gift’ people says. Well, I’m Yuvraj and I’m an electrical engineer by qualification and I am fond of writing. I like to write on various aspects of life. The motto of my life is ‘Purity matters most!’

I am Yuvrajsinh Jadeja. Electrical Engineer in terms of education. Completed engineering in 2018. It was during this time that I started writing poems and my writings are simply based on everything I see in life, emotions, relationships, festivals, etc. The hobby grew more and expanded over the time.

Eventually I published a book of poems, “Life, in my perspective”.It was published very soon but then when I had experiences in life I realized that these poems are for life and will go on. That is why I kept on to write poems, short stories, articles etc. on whatever medium I can find. The same one you are reading me in one of my mediums. You will learn a little more about me after visiting here. I keep my poems flowing here with the same hope that I can reach you rightly through this.

Best selling books

Jivan Mari Drashtie (Life, in my perspective)

have patience...

have patience...

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